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The Ferrari Club Australia is open to anyone who owns a Ferrari and would like to be involved in the club. Joining the club is a great way to meet like-minded people and share the experience related to the Marque.

The FCA is a national club, and hence membership in the FCA is national, not state based and FCA members are welcome at all FCA club events anywhere in Australia.

Membership is subject to the approval of the National Committee and initial approval of the relevant State Committee, and only fully completed membership applications will be considered.

Membership categories:

* a full member is a person who owns, or has owned a Ferrari

* a family member must either be a spouse/partner or a child of a full member who wants to participate in FCA events

* an associate member is a person who does not qualify as a full member or family member who is willing to be actively involved in all activities of the FCA and whose ultimate aim is to own a Ferrari

Joining fee : $280 per person
(Includes 1st years full membership, club medallion and most recent edition of "Register of Members and Cars" book ),
Annual full membership : $185 per person
Annual Family membership ( family member of full member) $30 per person.

If you own a Ferrari and would like to join the club please download the the Application Form, complete the details and send it to our membership secretary:

Join the Ferrari Club of Australia

Benefits of Membership

  1. Fellowship and camaraderie with like minded Ferrari owners
  2. Regular events and drive days in addition to the annual national rally
  3. Access and assistance with historic registration